Article – Plea to professionals: Take action to save our public schools

Most of our public schools have been reduced to day care centres where kids go so they are not left alone at home when their parents go to work. This narrative needs to change. The masses of South Africans can only afford to go to public schools. If they are not well run, we have a bleak future.

I think the starting point is to support and capacitate the Governing Bodies (SGBs) of public schools and NGOs/NPOs in basic education to ensure ethical and effective governance, clean administration and accountable leadership.

If all professionals aligned themselves to at least one public school or NPO/NGO by donating money/time/resources/services I think we can turn the corner.

One Professional One Public School/NGO/NPO!!! For a better basic education in South Africa!!

4 thoughts on “Article – Plea to professionals: Take action to save our public schools

    1. If we can have at least one professional linked to each school I think that will be a good start. The professional will be able to do an analysis of the needs of the school and mobilise support from other professionals, business, NPOs, Government and the community!!

    2. The buy in part is a big challenge. This is where NPOs that already have a relationship with the schools should come in. Governing Body Associations are a great place to start. They can improve their offerings to the schools by having a list of professionals to serve as co-opted members of the SGBs. The schools will be more open to the support when it comes from their associations!!

  1. You are very right. Let us all take part in changing the fortunes of marginalised communities and children.

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