Update – SARS and B-BBEE Commission sign MOU to tackle non-compliance with Tax and B-BBEE legislation

Acting SARS Commissioner Mark Kington and B-BBEE Commissioner Zodwa Ntuli singed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on behalf of SARS and the B-BBEE Commission to share information and collaborate on matters related to B-BBEE and Tax Compliance.

Under the MOU SARS will , amongst others, share information relating to possible fronting practices or non-compliance with the B-BBEE Act while the B-BBEE Commission will provide SARS with information on suspicious illegal activities that may potentially impact revenue collection.

The B-BBEE Commission agrees in the MOU to provide SARS with information in relation to:

  • Major B-BBEE transactions concluded
  • Ownership and management control details relating to B-BBEE transaction entities
  • Complaints received by the B-BBEE Commission concerning B-BBEE transactions; and
  • Any other relevant information that will enable SARS to conduct checks on the service provider’s tax compliance.

The MOU is for a period of three (3) years and will be managed by a steering committee to be comprised of representatives from both parties.

Link to SARS and B-BBEE Commission MOU

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